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Volunteer, meaningful travel

Gaining popularity among the travel community, solo travel is the quest to discover oneself along with spiritual rejuvenation. Traveling in India becomes the perfect reason to pack your travel bags and climb the serene mountains or simply take a silent stroll by the beaches, all by yourself. Traveling solo allows you to get a sense of independence and freedom, being out of your comfort zone while also learning the stories of the lands. Interact with locals and learn about the culture and heritage of India. Understand the Indian culture, dress modestly, stay connected and embrace the respect and warmth. While you travel solo, volunteer for safe and meaningful volunteer programs in India. There are a vast variety of volunteer programs that include working with orphans, women empowerment programs, health/HIV programs, teaching English, summer volunteer programs, street children programs, and more. You can join our programs in India, as an individual or as a group. We at Healing Travel provide and arrange volunteer work programs, to gap year travelers and career breakers from around the world to come and help in India. Get opportunities to work closely with local NGOs in India and partner with many international organizations.