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Vegan: local kitchen & cuisines

Vegan travel is not as complicated as it was a few years back in India, however it all depends on the places you travel, and the holiday you choose whether organized or a back packer’s journey.   We can share a few tips that will help you understand Indian cuisine and safe vegan food while on your trip to India. Travelling on a vegan diet can indeed add an exciting dimension to your trip.   Although it is important to research in advance about your destination’s vegan food options, in several cases you’ll discover high and low options to maintain a vegan diet and lifestyle.

Every trip is tailor-made, keeping focus on cultural immersion, local interaction, and of course – eating lots (and lots) of vegan food along the way!  We travel in a way that appreciates cultures and lifestyles that differ from our own; we respect local cultures and customs rather than imposing ourselves on them. We believe that food and drink is an important part in understanding a destination’s heritage, culture, and lifestyle.  We love to eat, as we’re sure you do too, so on your adventure you’ll enjoy plenty of dishes you won’t find on restaurant menus that are special home-cooked and created recipes passed down in families from generation to generation.