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Yoga Schools & Ashrams, a process of personal transformation

Enhance your skills with comprehensive and authentic yoga training programs available at multiple locations across India. With International Yoga Day (June 21st) becoming an annual feature, the practice of yoga has gained tremendous popularity. Different long and short term programs and courses are arranged for people interested in the practices of yoga. As a holistic approach of physical, mental, and spiritual health the practices involve utilizing the tools of yoga, such as postures and breathing, to suit different needs. Special classes are also held for pregnant women, children, and those with medical problems. The yoga institutes and centers offer an excellent range of courses, workshops, and camps that aim to overcome specific ailments including heart and respiratory problems, hypertension, diabetes, orthopedic conditions, and stress related issues.

Staying in an ashram is a process of personal transformation and there are many recommended ashrams in Rishikesh where one can spend from days to weeks engaging in meditations, yoga classes, or Ayurvedic treatments. Amenities are simple with a strict routine to follow; food is carefully prepared so that each guest in the ashram is fully supported in their healing, learning, and inner process.