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Explore India through villages

Orissa, with it’s 62 Tribes is a great attraction for the World Travelers to explore the rich culture & heritage of this land. Visit the Bonda, Gadhaba, LangiaSaura, Dongariakondh&KutiaKondh Tribal groups in their villages & Weekly markets, enjoy their music & dance, interact with them about their life & stay in the village atmosphere to experience a great trip to India

Travel Route

Kolkata -Rayagada – Simliguda – Jeypore – Rayagada – Gopalpur – Puri – Konark – Dhenkanal – Bhubaneshwar

  • Early morning enjoy a visit to the famous flower market near Howrah Bridge, followed by a boat ride on the Hooghly River
  • A visit to potters colony to see how beautiful idols are created with clay art
  • Visit the villages of Ethnic communities – the craftsman , farmers, Brahmins ,Fishermen and many more
  • Weekly markets of the different tribes .
  • Try your hand in weaving when you visit the weavers village
  • Stop at a Tribal Museum
  • Architectural marvel of Konarak Sun Temple

Day 01- Arrival Kolkata 

Kolkata a city on the Hooghly, retains the aura of days long gone, weaving the past and the present, the intense and the fun loving into a charming fabric. Home to four Nobel laureates – Ronald Ross, Rabindranath Tagore, Mother Teresa and Amartya Sen, Kolkata is the nerve centre of intellect and human values, where many modern movements began in art, cinema and theatre, science and industry. India’s quest for freedom began here.

Overnight at hotel


Day 02-Kolkata 

Discover the power of the early British Rule (Raj) and today the “City of Joy” Visitthe Jain Temple in the north-east of the city. It was built in 1867 and dedicated to Shtalnathji the 10th of the 24 Jain Tirthankaras. The temple is an ornate mass of mirrors, stones and glass mosaic. Open between 06 to 11:30 hrs and 15:00 to 19:00 hrs daily. Drive past BBDBagh the centre of power during the British Raj, St John’sChurch, dating from 1787, Raj Bhawan the old British Government house now the Governor’s residence, High Court, Government buildings, Eden Gardens (where the Kolkata Cricket matches are held ) and the Race Course. Visit the Victoria Memorial, it’s Museum, Indian Museum. Museums closed on Mondays. VictoriaMemorial, possibly the most awesome reminder of the Raj to be found in India. This huge white marble museum houses a vast collection of memorablia from the days of the British empire. Visit the KaliTemple.

A visit of Kumartuli, a place where  you can see the making of Idols .Clay idols of Bengal are famous for the skilled and traditional way in which they are made. The fundamental rule to be followed is that all things used should come from the river. The clay artisans labor hard for months to produce some of the most beautiful images of Goddess Durga at the festival time.

Overnight at hotel.

Day 03-Kolkata -Vishakhapatnam by flight  ,Rayagada   by road        ( 200kms/4-5hrs Approx)

Sunday Arrival is the best to make the trip interesting.

Arrival at Vishakhapatnam by Morning flight. Drive to Rayagada. Check  in to the Hotel.

Afternoon free  to walk around the village for interaction with the People expert on Jewellery work of the Kondh Group.

Overnight at  hotel.

Day 04-Rayagada  – Village of LangiaSaura Group atPuttasingh area –Rayagadaby road ( 90kms/2hrs Approx)

This morning you visit to the LangiaSaura Villages & their Weekly market at Puttasingh area. LangiaSaura groupone  of the most Primitive groups of the Sauras living in this area. They live in the hill slope & earn their livelihood from the Shifted cultivation. They are known for their peculiar cloth with long tail at the Back side & the Women use the Biggest Wooden Plates in their Ear Lobe.

Overnight at hotel

Day 05-Rayagada – KutiaKondh Village & Market – Rayagadaby road (60kms/2hrs Approx)
Morning excursion to the Tattoo Faced KutiaKondh villages in Kotgarh&Tumudibandh area. This day  excursion will introduce you to the KutiaKondh of Phulbani District believe in making Tattoos on the face of women depending upon which clan they belong to. So that they can be recognized by their dead ancestors. Visit of the Weekly market (Only on Tuesdays) of this Tribe.

Overnight at hotel

Day 06-Rayagada  -DongariyaKondh Weekly Market (50kms/1hr) – Rayagada – Similigudaby road (140kms/2.30hrs Approx)

Today you visit of the DongariyaKondh Weekly market at Chatikona (only on Wednesday). DongariyaKondh  women& men decorate themselves in the same style including the jewelleries & with the only difference of their Nose Rings which are Two with men & Three with women. They were once known for the MARIA (Human) Sacrifice. They are expert Horticulturist among all the Tribes of Orissa & the weekly  market is the bright example with the loads of vegetables, fruits & varieties of the products from the Hills.
Drive to Similiguda on the way visiting Paraja Villages.
Overnight at hotel

Day 07-Similiguda – Lamtaput/Anakadelli Village  by road ( 90kms/1 ½ Approx)

After an early Morning Breakfast we leave for the Visit to the Most Interesting Tribe called Bonda at their  weekly market along with the other Tribes like Gadhaba&Didayee Groups.Bondas, literally
meaning the people of the Hills, prefer to live in isolation with their interesting characteristics &
practices still prevailing in their society. The most elegant Tribal women in Orissa & nearby states,Bonda Group women have their special identity with their costume of colourful beads as their dress and  the head gear.

Overnight at hotel

Day 08-Paraja Weekly Market & Village Visit       by road (      80kms/1 ½ Approx)

A Nice day starts again with the drive to the largest Paraja Group’s weekly market at Kunduli. Visit to  thePottors village & watch them working on the Wheels making varieties of items for the Tribals of this area. Later on visit to the some more villages & drive to one of the villages of Gadhaba group.
Afternoon visit to one of the Gadhaba Villages. Enjoy the most colorful DHEMSA (Dance of Gadhaba) at their village.

Drive to Jeypore on the way visiting Tribal Museum at Koraput&JagannathTemple which is believed to be the root of the PuriJagannath Temple.
Overnight at  hotel.

Day 09-Jeypore – Kotpad weavers (50kms/1hr) Jeypore – Rayagadaby road (120kms/2hrs  Approx)

Excursion trip to Kotpad weaving village.

Later on drive to Rayagada

Kotpad weavers are the Group of Weavers who were working on the Pit Looms for the  centuries supplying the cloth to the Tribes around the Border of Odisha &Chhatishgar. They work on IKAT (Tie & Dye) system only on Cotton. They use the Colour which are only Black, Maroon & the base used is mostly White. The Colour Powder  is prepared from the Root of the Tree available in this area which is available only in Maroon Colour. To make it Black, they use Rust Iron or Iron Powder. To keep the colour strong for a longer time, they use Caster Oil & Cow Dung Processing system with certain temperature of the Sun Heat. Presently with the help of the NGOs they have started working on Silk.
Overnight at hotel

Day10-Rayagada – Chandragiri – Taptapani – Padmanavpur – Gopalpur by road ( 230kms/6-7hrs Approx)

Drive to Gopalpur on the way visiting Chandragiri Tibetan Monastery & settlement with the sauratribal  groups. Visit to Taptapani&Padmanavpur Weavers’ village before reaching Gopalpur.Taptapani is the Entry Point to the Tribal Belt of South Odisha. This is famous for the Hot Sulphur Spring. There is a Shrine of Goddess Kali which is believed to be the Goddess of the area & worshiped by the Tribal People with the believe that the Hot Water in the Mountain is the Anger of the Goddess & Prayer will make her happy enabling them to get the blessing. Chandragiri Tibetan Settlement is a worth visit with the Stupas & Monastery of the Tibetan Buddhist Culture & sharing their Life with the Saura Tribal Group since 1950 with the help of Odisha Govt for their settlement. We visit Nice Tribal Hamlets of Saura Tribal Groups &DesiaKondh Groups.

Overnight at hotel

Day 11-Gopalpur – Olasing weavers’ village (100kms/2hrs) – Puri      by road  (80kms/2hrsApprox)
Drive to Puri on the way visiting Olasingh Weavers village. Check in to hotel at Puri.Afternoon spend on the beach watching Sand Art Demonstration & Open air Beach Market.

Overnight at hotel

Day 12-Puri – Raghurajpur Artisans’ village – Mauzbek Weaving village – Konark
Visit the Artists at Raghurajpur& Weavers at Mauzbek village. Drive to Konark.

Declared as the Heritage Village of Odisha, Raghurajpur is the only place where you can experience the  Artisans working on the Silk, Paper, Beatle Nuts, Coconuts, Cow Dung, Coir & many more. The Traditional  Patta Painters of Odisha live in this village in the different parts like Dandasahi, Nayakpatna&Raghurajpurare now experts making different kinds of Artistic useful house hold materials for the market which areworth buying from them. Your visit will introduce to the Age Old Patta Painting workers in the village &  their working style.

Sun Temple of Konark,one of the Heritage Sites of India is the Culmination of Odiya Architecture.
Described by Poet Rabindranath Tagore, The Language of Stones have defeated the Language of Human   Being is Well Defined on the Temple Wall of Konark Sun Temple. Built in a form of Chariot, this Temple has  attracted the Tourist from all over the World for the Stone Work Style & Description. Built in the form of  Chariot, drawn by 07 horses representing seven days of the week & Seven colours of Rainbow,this Temple   represents the visit of Sun God from East to West controlling the time. 24 wheels around the Hall Of Prayer   representing the 24 Fortnights of the Year is an unique creation of Sun Dial. With all the spectacular  Sculptures related to time  engraved on this Temple wall is a great piece of Monument to visit.

Overnight at hotel

Day 13-Konark – Bhubaneshwar by road (70kms/1 ½ Approx.) ,Dhenkanal by  road ( 100kms/2hrs Approx.)
 Morning visit of the Sun Temple at Konark. Drive to Dhenkanal. Evening at MahimaAlekhAsram watching their Unique Ritual of Fire Worship  Kapilas Hill in One side &Saptasajya hill on the other makes this place a destination for round the year attracting the tourist to this places. This is a Base where one can visit the Villages of  Weavers, Dokra Metal Workers, A Group of Tribal People working on Loss Wax Processing System. This is  surrounded by different Tribal Groups like Munda, Ho&Santal. Joranda Ashram is worth Visit, where this  Unique Cult of Mahima Group who live a Wonderer Life & run School, Colleges & Hospitals out of the  Begging. They have a Very Strange Practice & worship Fire at their Empty Temple.

Overnight at hotel.

Day 15-Dhenkanal – Nuapatna weavers – Dhenkanal

Excursion trip to Nuapatna  &Maniabandh Weaving villages as well as Dokra Metal Workers’ village.Nuapatna&Maniabandh are theVillage of Weavers working on IKAT (Tie & Dye) process for the Generation. The entire village of this group having about 120families are involved producing Fabrics, Sarees & many more house hold materials which are now world famous for the craftsmanship of these people. The family members support themselves from this work by using their leisure time to produce the fabrics. Starting from cleaning the thread  to the finished product the entire family is involved apart from their other daily works. This is the Age Old Traditional Work these Crafts families are still practicing successfully.

Sadeibarini is a small village of the Situlia Tribal Group. They work on Loss Wax Processing System. The name of this group has been derived from the word ‘Sitala’, which means cooling down the boiling Metals. They produce different art &artifacts from the Metal called Dokra which is a combination of Zinc & Brass. There are about 30 families involved in this kind of art work for the years living here in this village Sadeibarini. They prepare many House Hold & Decorative items used for many purposes.

Overnight at hotel.

Day 16-Dhenkanal – Bhubaneshwar
Drive to Bhubaneshwar.Sight seeing of Bhubaneshwar covering Caves of 3rd Century BC & Temples.Bhubaneshwar is the Temple City of India, once upon a time was holding 7000 temples around the city. Now with 500 temples from the period of 05th to 11th Century AD, this Capital of Odisha is visited by many tourist from different parts of India & Abroad. Among all the Temples, Important Temples visited are  Chronologically in Order Parasurameshwar, Mukteshwar, Rajarani, Brahmeshwar, Vaital&LingarajTemples. These Temples   belonging to different period of construction reflecting different changes in the plan & 11th Century LingarajTemples is the Culmination point of the Temple Construction at Bhubaneshwar with the complete collection  of all the Four Halls of Odiya Architecture Style.

Khandagiri&Udaigiri Jain Caves, dating back from 03rd to 01st century BC are telling the royal, social &  cultural life of the King & the People of Kalinga. Out of 92 Caves, there are caves dedicated to the Jain Monks, Hindu Deities & the Queens Cave depicting the story of Royal Celebration at the Caves are worth visit.

Overnight at hotel.

Day 17-  Leave  Bhubaneshwar for onward flight connection