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A journey at your pace: slow travel

Leave the hustle and bustle behind and delve deep, deep in the serenity of India, and enjoy slow travelling at your own pace! With the growing number of travelers looking for places that are remote, offbeat, or can be explored on footor maybe on a bicycle, the speed of travel has shifted gears and has become slow. People nowadays have a preference of opting for train journeys over flights to explore destinations from up-close. In addition to this, travelers opt for offbeat journeys and participate in activities just like locals would do, to live the moments and not just take experiences from a distance.  LIVE IT UP!  The thought of travel as a quick escape from the bustling life of the city is slowly dissolving; travel is changing and so is the traveler. Travel has a new meaning, and what we see coming up is the idea of a meaningful experience that stays even after the holiday is over. ‘Slow Travel’ is the word given to longer stays, exploring more and discovering oneself, that allows plenty of time to rest and recharge inside out. Travel has always been a mind-opening experience, and slow travel captures the very essence of it. Slow travel not only helps people to relax and recharge, it also lets them enjoy the moment. Unplug and unwind, a holiday tastes delightful when you have the time to linger at the local joints and eat what the locals relish. With changing lifestyles, we all have become bolder to take steps like career breaks or sabbaticals which have become increasingly popular amongst professional executives and small groups of friends and families who have the opportunity to enjoy a break, a chance to see the world.  When away for months you do not want to move from one generic hotel to another. You will want variety and contrast between each location and a mix of activities to keep all the family interested and inspired. These journeys are made keeping this in mind with various experiences, inspirations, and interests that have led them to take such long journeys.