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Handcrafted Holidays

We are specialists in designing handcrafted holidays to the Indian Subcontinent and beyond with exceptional local experiences, unexplored places to stay, thematic journeys, and much more. Unwind with us to discover the undiscovered.

Explore Serenity

With a diverse range of extraordinary places to choose from, you will be inspired to plan your travel to explore serenity with the choice of best spa resorts to authentic Ayurveda treatment. Evolve in the various healing therapies be it music, sound or naturopathy - a healing journey of your 5 senses.

Exceptional Service

Recognized for our personalized service from planning through execution with fine attention to every minute detail. We are adept in the art of execution of ideas, selecting the right choice of hotels, touching lives, and caring for society; we are a well-trained team to deliver customer delight.

Healing Experts

We are not only travel experts but experiential healing experts as well offering travel as a soul searching experience to discover, understand, and connect deeply with authentic India: its people, its culture, and its customs. Engaging with our customers is what we are all about.




We Care


  • Promise of a healing holiday experience

  • Personalized service from planning till execution

  • Attention to details - you are special to us

  • Safety is of paramount importance

  • Experienced professionals

  • We care for our society and are actively involved in various socially responsible projects



Healing has many synonyms like repair, renovate, rejuvenate, revive, renovate, remedy and many more. All of these possibly have the same meaning with varying contexts. Repair of a damage, rejuvenation to cheer up a sagging mood, remedy of disease, etc. With the fast-paced life that we all lead these days, both our body and soul needs healing – the need and the magnitude differing from person to person.

We are an experiential boutique travel designer specializing in immersive healing experiences in all the journeys planned by us. Healing is when a traveler gets rejuvenated from his holiday be it a solo traveler, a long awaited holiday break from work, a sabbatical journey to remember and refresh, a family holiday spent together with some memorable happy moments and relaxation, a couple longing to explore new places together, a volunteer holiday where one can feel their worth on lending a service or helping others, or travelers who are looking for slow travel to get a deeper insight into the place and broadens one’s horizons. These are the primary motives of travelling.

We offer travel as a soul searching experience – helping travelers discover, understand, and connect with the people and their culture. We curate handcrafted holidays to the Indian Subcontinent and beyond with exceptional local experiences, unexplored places to stay, thematic journeys to cater to special interest travel, and much more. We believe in personalized service and importance to all minute details from planning to implementation.
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